Application scope of the hottest ball screw

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Ball screws are widely used in precision machine tools, robots, semiconductors, woodworking machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, optical instruments, glass manufacturing devices, automobile manufacturing devices, automation equipment, laser engraving, blanket machinery, ceramic tile machinery, printing machines, electronic industry, wood-based panel machinery, paper machinery, positioning and bearing devices, plastic machinery, inspection devices, fans Conveying (manufacturing and conveying) devices, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, washing machines, etc. The ball screw pairs produced by our company (only the sensor is replaced for grinding) have the highest accuracy of class I and complete specifications, including micro screw outer diameter (8mm~12mm), ordinary screw and large lead (lead is 10mm.12mm.16mm.20mm) All screw rods circulate inside and outside The ball screw transmission system is a rolling screw transmission system with ball as the rolling medium. There are two kinds of transmission forms: (1) convert rotary motion into linear motion. (2) Convert linear motion into rotary motion. High transmission efficiency. The transmission efficiency of the ball screw transmission system is as high as 90% - 98%, which is 2-4 times that of the traditional sliding screw system. As shown in Figure 1.1.1, the price rises again, so it can get a large thrust with a small torque, and it can also change from linear motion to rotary motion (motion can be reversed). Stable motion, the ball screw transmission system is a point contact rolling motion, with low friction resistance, high sensitivity, no vibration at start-up, and no crawling at low speed, so it can accurately control micro feed. The high-precision ball screw transmission system has a small temperature rise in motion, and can pre tighten to eliminate axial clearance and pre stretch the screw to compensate for thermal elongation. Therefore, higher positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy can be obtained. The rolling contact of the high durability steel ball is hardened (hrc58 ~ 63) and precision ground. The process of the circulating system is purely rolling, which has little wear, so it has high service life and precision retention. Good synchronism. Due to the smooth movement, sensitive response, no block and no slip, using several sets of the same ball screw transmission system to drive several identical components or devices at the same time can obtain a good synchronism effect. For example, ncamp reports high reliability. Compared with other transmission machinery and hydraulic transmission, the failure rate of ball screw transmission system is very low, and the maintenance is relatively simple. It only needs general lubrication and dust prevention. It can work without lubrication in special occasions. No back clearance and pre tightening adopt Gothic arch groove shape, the axial clearance can be adjusted very small, and it can also be transmitted easily. If the appropriate preload is added and the axial clearance is eliminated, the lead screw can have better rigidity, and the elastic deformation between the nut and lead screw such as the wear and fracture of the ball and the force measuring piston belt can be reduced during bearing, so as to achieve higher accuracy. (end)

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