PLC control system II of the hottest beer filling

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The PLC control system of beer filling and capping machine (II)

the program flow chart of bottle breaking detection and bottle position detection is shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2 the subprogram flow chart of bottle breaking detection and bottle position detection

the guarantee of reliable automatic operation of the system is to control the synchronous tracking of entering and leaving the bottle cap, which accurately detects the three conditions of motor speed detection switch, bottle breaking detection switch and bottle entering detection switch

(3) 970got human-machine touch pair uses the GT works software package of Mitsubishi company to operate the terminal with a fixed resistance screen, in which GT designer is a drawing package software used with the whole got9000 series. The software package is easy to operate. It can be configured and simulated on a personal computer in advance, and then downloaded to the man-machine operation terminal. At the same time, because the man-machine interface has the function of touch screen, the switch that the common transformation mechanism should be able to accurately locate is set on the display screen for convenient operation. It can also add some functions, such as setting alarm information

4 control system function after transformation

when the system is in normal operation, the machine is automatically controlled. According to the full or lack of bottles in and out of the bottle, the machine operates at the set speed or slow speed, enters the bottle, blocks the bottle, does not lower the cap without the bottle, automatically flushes the bottle burst, and automatically presses the back pressure of the filling position. Next, it is necessary to systematically do the coordination and interlocking of the automatic start and stop and safety protection of the working cap conveying system. The original operation of all buttons is carried out on the touch screen after transformation

5 monitoring function of the detection state of the control system

the bottle inlet detection switch and the broken bottle detection switch generate photoelectric pulse output by detecting the position of the small iron sheet on each bottle pressing part, and then PLC acquisition. Because the position of the small iron sheet on each bottle pressing part is active, after the machine runs for a period of time, the position of the small iron sheet and the detection switch on the bottle pressing part displaces, causing the misjudgment of the detection switch, If there is no bottle, it is judged that there is a bottle, and the output error is caused by the missing inspection and false inspection of the bottle burst, which causes the PLC to malfunction, resulting in such fault phenomena as back pressure, bottle burst blowing, washing, and the control failure of the bottle cap mixing system

in the daily production process before the transformation, when encountering this phenomenon, the operator can only turn each function switch or button to the manual control gear, so that the machine and equipment work in the unmonitored state, and the machine loses the automatic control function. It causes a great waste of raw materials such as gas, water and wine. Only in the interval of production, the maintenance fitter and electrician can correct the gap between the detection switch and the small iron sheet by adjusting the installation position of the detection switch with a displacement distance of only 5~8mm according to the light and off of the small LED on the detection switch. This kind of detection method is very backward, and the adjusted effect can't respond to the adjusted result in time

in view of this detection situation, combined with the configuration of the modified filling and capping machine control system, this part of the detection function is added and integrated into the man-machine touch screen to complete the bottle position detection

on the paging display screen of the interface of the human-machine touch screen, the status of 60 bottle positions and the status of bottle positions during bottle explosion can be dynamically displayed from time to time. The switching status of detection switches such as bottle, no bottle, bottle explosion, back pressure switch, mixing motor and other solenoid valves are displayed in different colors, which is very intuitive

when it is necessary to correct the position of the detection switch and the small iron sheet, it can be adjusted without stopping the machine under normal production conditions. The maintenance personnel can adjust it according to the bottle position state on the display screen to prevent people and objects from falling, and immediately see the effect of the adjustment. In daily maintenance, it can also be used as a condition monitoring device to observe the operation of the output device

the function of this system is specially designed to ensure the normal operation of the automatic control system of the filling capping machine. The software interface is shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 one of the software interfaces

6 Conclusion

the modified control system greatly simplifies the complex mechanical structure. After the on-site operation and control effect test, the automation degree of the system meets the design requirements, greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators, increases the daily output of beer filling by more than 30% compared with the past, and greatly reduces the failure rate. It embodies the automatic control technology of modern equipment. It is a filling control system with the most advanced technology in China, which is innovated and developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of today's industrial control

source: "industrial control technology"

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