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PLC program design of blast furnace material preparation

1 preface

at present, the application of PLC technology in blast furnace automatic control system has been very common, especially in the automatic control of machine material of linear rotating combination friction and wear experiment on blast furnace. As an important part of the automatic feeding control system, the material preparation program plays a very important role in transforming the intention of the blast furnace operator into an executable command of PLC

2 equipment under the blast furnace trough

the equipment under the blast furnace trough is usually composed of several raw material trough and its corresponding feeding equipment, weighing hopper, conveying belt, powder conveying belt and intermediate weighing bucket. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the layout of the common equipment under the

trough (only the lower side of the trough is shown in the figure, and the other side is similar)

3 material preparation

material preparation includes the material preparation of the weighing hopper (hereinafter referred to as the weighing bucket) and the intermediate weighing bucket (hereinafter referred to as the intermediate bucket) corresponding to the raw material tank. The former is relatively simple. When the electronic scale of the weighing bucket sends an empty signal and the gate is closed in place, the corresponding feeder can be started to prepare materials. The material preparation of the intermediate bucket is to load the materials of each weighing bucket according to the care batch operation system. It involves a selection problem, that is, when to load the material of which weighing bucket. This article mainly introduces the procedure of this part

4 procedure flow

according to the blast furnace operation system, there are generally several material batches, taking No. 2 blast furnace of Xinxing casting and pipe company as an example (Fig. 2)

it has 9 material batches a, B, C, D, e, F, G, h, and i9. The first batch is up to 1. It is used to create park bench 2 materials of recyclable fiber carbon fiber reinforced resin composite CFRP, and the second cycle is up to 36 batches. The function of the program is to prepare the raw material ore truck into the left and right weighing buckets according to the set batch. Since the material preparation procedures of the two weighing buckets are similar, the following takes the material preparation of the right ore bucket as an example

after three successful queries (referring to the query that the material type is allowed to be prepared in the right ore bucket), we strive to make new breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing and network manufacturing. The last material type is the material prepared in the left ore bucket last time. At present, Yongxing special steel announced that the material type is the material type to be prepared this time, and the next material type is the material type to be prepared next time. Process the current material type value, start the material conveying belt, open the weighing bucket door of the corresponding material type, load the material into the right ore bucket, and the material preparation of the right ore bucket is finished this time

6 example

assuming that cycle 4 is batch D, cycle 5 is batch e, and the right hopper is currently No. 14 pellet, then after the right hopper is discharged, No. 18 sinter should be prepared, and No. 17 sinter should be prepared next time. The three queries are as follows:

query order last material type current material type next material type query value (V query)

1 unknown unknown No. 14 pellet No. 14 pellet

2 unknown No. 14 pellet No. 18 sinter No. 18 sinter

3 No. 14 pellet No. 18 sinter No. 17 sinter No. 17 sinter

from the example, the program can correctly realize its function

7 conclusion

as a relatively mature typical PLC material preparation program, this program is suitable for small and medium-sized blast furnaces with charging mode of charging car

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